Reasons your business is losing valuable customers and strategies you should apply

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels

Is the business of yours losing valuable customers? We understand that you work hard and even suffer losses at times to gain new customers. If you are upset that your customers are not loyal to you, you need to know that only a small percentage of customers are usually loyal towards a brand. Most people keep switching to new brands as per their convenience.

How to gain customer’s loyalty?

People like experimenting and trying new products and it is pointless to blame yourself. This also doesn’t mean you cannot do anything about it. We’ll tell you about probable reasons behind losing audience and suggest expert tips to better the situation.

  1. Customer service- If the customer service is not good, it is natural for customers to become disappointed.

What to do? Customer service is not just a department in a company but the ambassadors of the business. They are always on the front line interacting with customers. So, the support team should be customer-friendly as customer support is your business’s backbone. Train your team accordingly to be helpful, soft-spoken and informative. The golden rules associated with customer service are:

  • Respond quickly
  • Respect customers
  • Acknowledge errors


  1. Quality of service or product- If customers are not happy with the services offered by your company or the quality of products, they’ll start looking for alternatives. So, if the products fail to meet a customer’s expectations, there’s little you can do to change that person’s mind.

What to do? At first, you need a good product designer to test your products and build materials of supreme quality. You can also take help of customers in this matter by asking them to give their feedback. Once you are confident that your products fulfill customers’ requirements, you’ll start getting new customers who’ll stick to your brand.

  1. Value customers- If your long-term customers stop visiting you, then it is a clear sign that they do not feel valued.

What should you do? Give attention to your permanent customers and make them feel special. You can give additional discounts on special occasions like birthday to frequent buyers. This does not have to be expensive. Even kind gestures like addressing them by their names, assisting them in selecting the best products are great ways of letting them know that you care.

  1. Consistency- In life and in business, consistency is directly proportional to trust. People rely upon things that are consistent. So, inconsistency can be another reason behind losing potential customers.

How to solve it? You and your team should deliver a memorable experience to customers so that they can rely on you.


We all make mistakes, but people who learn from their mistakes become successful in life. You can create a website and encourage customers to submit their feedback online. You’ll find plenty of negative comments and you have to approach them professionally. This will help you know about your positives and negatives, allowing you to update yourself.

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