Six quick digital marketing strategies you can master in less than an hour

Six quick digital marketing strategies you can master in less than an hour
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Successful business owners and influential entrepreneurs know that services and products cannot sell themselves. Without good marketing strategies, you’d never get the desired outcome. But, if there is a scarcity of experienced marketers in your team, there is no need to worry. We are here to share with you simple yet excellent tactics on marketing to promote your business.

These methods are not time-consuming:

If you think you do not have sufficient time for marketing because of a busy schedule, we’ll show you how marketing does not always have to be expensive and time-consuming. By devoting only 60 minutes of your time, you can end up leaving a lasting impact. So, are you excited to learn some great marketing techniques and gain audience?

  1. You need an editorial calendar- Creating an en editorial calendar is a must for efficient content marketing. Editorial calendars are the backbone to blogging. You can use them to plan content, brainstorm, and collaborate with fellow bloggers. The best part about it is that you can set it up in no time.
  2. Research for content ideas- After getting your editorial calendar ready, you need to start working on content ideas. By investing an hour, you can gather trending topics to write on your blog. These are the things you have to consider when brainstorming for blog posts:
  • Topics relevant for your business
  • Use effective keywords top search engine results
  1. Respond to comments on social media- A possible client commenting on a post of yours on social media is actually an invitation to strike a conversation. So, why wouldn’t you accept this type of invitation? Responding to people’s comments will let them know that you value the opinion of others. These are the three benefits of replying to comments:
  • Increases social shares
  • Boosts traffic
  • Strengthens internal linking
  1. Creation of a customer survey- You can draft a customer survey in 60 minutes. Truth be told, most customers simply loathe filling out surveys. But, the data surveys are invaluable from the perspective of business owners. Guidelines for drafting a survey:
  • Make it short
  • Ask relevant questions
  • Offer incentive for answering the survey
  1. Record a video- Video is the most interesting way of engaging your audience. Posts on social media with videos have more views. A website with a video has more chances of being in Google’s front page. 90 percent of customers find product videos extremely helpful. Moreover, you can easily record one in an hour.
  2. Take help of business directories- Submitting your business to some of the business directories will give you the exposure you require.


We may conclude by saying that altering your existing marketing game doesn’t need you to invest excess of money and time. You also learnt that there are several things you can do without the help of a marketing team. Take baby steps and try some of our tactics to better your marketing skills and improve business.

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