Digital Health Technologies that cannot be ignored during Covid-19 Pandemic

Digital Health Technologies that cannot be ignored during Covid-19 Pandemic
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With the problem there comes the solution. Although the Covid-19 pandemic has made our lives miserable and struggles harder, it is true that the technologies are also on the rise to fight against all that. Digital technologies are no exception as well. Doctors and caregivers are taking help of these new technologies to be able to give service and help to everyone. Here are few such health technologies that have been proved extremely essential during this pandemic-

  • Telemedicine:

It is well-known by now to almost everyone that there is no other way to flatten the curve of this virus other than by maintaining social distancing protocols. On the other hand, there is no denying that health emergencies do not postpone their schedule based on this new virus outbreak. In situation like this, when hospitals are full of Covid-19 patients, going to the hospitals in even not an option. Here comes the importance of Telemedicine. Using this technology, patients are now able to consult their doctors from their home for assistance regarding their diagnosis and medicine.

  • Smartphone trackers:

As mentioned before, because of the pandemic it has now become impossible to go outside the home for getting diagnosed. Even when symptoms of Covid-19 are occurring it is not always possible to get tested. Governments around the world are now using smartphone tracking method to know better and trace the contacts for the possibility of Covid-19. Countries like South Korea are using this technology for the purpose of surveillance.

  • 3D Printing:

With the growing number of patients around the world, a crisis has occurred regarding the availability of medical equipments. From masks to Personal Protective Equipment kits and ventilators- there is a shortage of almost everything. In such a situation, 3D printing technology can help a lot. Using these technologies, everyone is making adequate equipments- from face shields to ventilators – to fight this pandemic together. Various labs across the world- in Spain, Italy etc.- are utilizing this technology to the fullest in order to fight against this virus.

  • Artificial Intelligence:

Artificial Intelligence was a trending technology even before the outbreak of this virus. However, after the virus outbreak the demand and value of this technology has increased even more. It was this very AI that helped the epidemiologists around the world to understand the threat that this virus is and warned everyone about it. Combining this technology with Machine Learning labs are getting more resources for more tests and drug testing. AI is also being used to recognize the severity of a Covid-19 patient.

  • VR or Virtual Reality:

Virtual Reality is not only about playing games but it has molded the whole healthcare system as well. This technology is helping a lot in the process of taking care of isolated Covid-19 patients. Virtual Reality has also helped in changing the therapeutic treatment systems as well. With the growing rate of depression in the locked-down world talking to a professional has become more than necessary.

This is how technology is helping the healthcare system during the pandemic.

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