Technologies that are going to be Extinct Soon Enough

Photo by Josh Sorenson from Pexels

Technology has molded our lifestyle in the past and it is continuing to do so. However, there is no denying that in order for the new things to come, the old must bid goodbye. Technology is no exception. Remember your first black and white phone with buttons to work with? Well, can you imagine using one now? The answer is a clear no. We cannot even think without our smartphones. Similar is the situation for other technologies as well. Here is the list of technologies that are going to be extinct soon-

  • Headphones with a wire:

With the gradual slimming tendencies every sort of technology is deleting all that is unnecessary. Wires are becoming just an extra thing as well. Even the devices do not provide 3.5mm headphone jacks anymore. So, it is almost time to say goodbye to wired headphones. The only thing that wires are great at is the quality of the audio. However, in the coming time, Bluetooth will take care of that problem for sure.

  • Digicams:

Digital cameras evolved into Digicams over time. However, these days, smartphones are providing almost same accuracy and resolution for pictures and videos. Then why bother to carry an extra thing around. So, Digicams are going to be extinct soon as well.

  • Switches and Remotes:

This is the age of automation and Artificial Intelligence. Alexa understands almost everything you say and undoubtedly has made our lives better and easier. That is why; switches are something extra these days and so is the process of controlling anything using a remote. Google Home and Amazon’s Alexa are trending so high that there is a high chance for remote controls to lose their value altogether.

  • Traditional Lock and Key:

No matter how nostalgic you feel at the thought of losing the keys to the past, it is true that technology has made everything simpler. Be it a car or a house, everything works in the smart way these days.

  • 2G:

The number of users of 2G technology has decreased a lot in the past two years. The new smartphones do not allow 2G technology as well. This is the reason 2G technology is going to be extinct soon. On top of all that, the arrival of 5G technology has made this possibility even stronger.

  • Cable TV:

From 1948, Cable TV has been constantly providing us all with entertainment. However, this is the era of digital TV combined with satellite based technology. The best thing about this technology is that it can be accessed almost everywhere. On the other hand Cable TV has limited reaching capacity. That is why; cable TV is also going to be extinct soon.

  • Portable Drives:

We have all become extremely dependent on the cloud for storing our important files and keeping our memories safe. Unlike the portable devices they can be accessed from anywhere. That is why; portable devices like a pen drive or a hard drive are going to be extinct as well.

With the invention of newer technologies these old ones are going to be extinct soon.

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