Simple guidelines for commencing a home-based plant nursery business

plant nursery business
Photo by Huy Phan from Pexels

With increased pollution and lack of outdoor space to plant trees, everybody is taking indoor gardening to the next level. Plants purify the air, make us happy, and spread positivity. So, this is the right time to start a nursery, whether large or small. Moreover, having your own nursery would mean you can keep as many plants as you want for yourself. Setting up a plant nursery at home for business purpose means leaning the best ways for propagating and selling plants.

Expert tips to begin a nursery business:

If you want your own nursery, at you need to devote a significant amount on time educating yourself. Be it growing edibles or sowing seeds- gaining knowledge is the key. Here are some great tips to do it right and generate sales:

  1. Be prepared- Before you welcome your customers, you need a solid preparation of few months. Clean up the space and organize the plants ready for sale, set-up your office with chairs and tables, prepare a list of the plant species along with their prices etc.
  2. Be colorful- Collect a wide variety of plant succulents to flowering plants for attracting customers. People who pass by your nursery will be compelled to pause and look at the beautiful plants. Looking at plants and appreciating them will lead to buying some of them. Research online on colorful plants to keep in your nursery and you’ll notice the change.
  3. Label your plants- Labeling all the plants will be a tedious business, but your customers may not know their names. They’ll appreciate if the specimen they purchase has a name tag. So, at first you need to memorize all the names.
  4. Research on your plants- In order to keep the plants healthy, you must know about the. You also have to answer questions to your customers about their water, space and light requirements. It’ll be even better if you can hand them over print outs with basic information on the plants they purchase along with some tips.
  5. Generate soil- You also need the best soil for growing healthy and long-lasting plants. Manures give plants all the nutrients they require to thrive. So, fertilize the soil occasionally with natural fertilizers like cow dung and decomposed vegetable skins.
  6. Advertise- For startup businesses, advertising plays a pivotal role. You need to inform the people of the neighborhood about your nursery to start getting customers. Friends and family can you a lot in this matter by sending people to your nursery.
  7. Create your own website- Creating your own website and marketing on social networking sites like Facebook will give you thousands of customers from near and far. All you need to do is click pictures and post them on your website for all to see. You also have to make arrangements for giving home delivery to your customers residing in other cities.


The bottom line is to be passionate about what you do. Nursery business will help you meet wonderful plant-friendly people and keep you happy.

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