Trending Technologies during the Coronavirus Pandemic

Trending Technologies during the Coronavirus Pandemic
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Coronavirus pandemic has thrown newer and unique challenges in front of us all which we do not know how to deal with. At a situation like this, when this killer virus made us all sit inside our homes, it is the technology that has helped a lot in order to keep the society running. Here are the topmost trending technologies which can be proved extremely essential in the near future-

  • Shop Online and get your products delivered by robots:

Gone are the days of just walking into the shopping malls and try on dresses even if you are not planning to buy them. A virus has prohibited us from going outside but that does not mean we have to control our shopaholic selves. Online shopping is trending more and more with time. This is not limited for dressing purposes only but in every sector possible. Be it getting a discount on ordering pizza or getting one drink free at happy hour- everything is accessible online. Not only that, some countries like the US and China have worked a lot to ensure contactless deliveries with the help of the robots. Robots are being used to give medicines to Covid-19 Patients in the hospitals as well.

  • Cashless Payments:

By now, all of us have realized the importance of cashless economy and contactless payments- not for any other reason but for our own very health. All the online platforms and other services are requesting people for online in order to control the spread of the disease. It is true, that the option of digital payment is not accessible to billions of people. However, with the growing demand it may be predicted that digital payments are about to gain even more popularity over time.

  • E-Learning:

Schools are shut down in order to ensure health safety and break the chain of the virus. Education, on the other hand is a necessity that cannot be ignored at all. In such a situation, technology has come forward and made possible e-learning to numerous students across the world. With the help of applications like Google Meet etc. Students are getting their education through computers and smart phones with the helps from their teachers.  Although issues like economy, digital readiness persist, this is going to grow in future as well.

  • Telehealth:

Telehealth has become a necessity during this pandemic- not only for the Covid-19 patients but for general healthcare as well. It has become impossible to go to the hospitals or clinics for minor issues. Telehealth has enabled doctors to assist their patients without actually meeting them in person. There are now Wearable personal IoT devices for tracking the vitals of the patients. Not only that, even the initial diagnosis can be done these days with the help of technologies like Chatbots.

  • 3D Printing:

Because of the flexible nature of production and 3D printing technology is able to produce various products quickly. There is less troubles related to waiting and shipment too.

These are some of the topmost trending technologies during the pandemic which will prove to be indispensable in the coming time.

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