How to take advantage of the ‘Psychology of Liking’ for growing your business?

How to take advantage of the ‘Psychology of Liking’ for growing your business
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Don’t we get easily persuaded by persons we admire and love? The explanation behind this behavior is that the more we like a particular person, the more we say ‘yes’ to their suggestions. This is the universal ‘Principle of Liking’ and it is of great benefit in the field of marketing. Why else do you see the faces of your favorite celebrities on most online and television advertisements? Because the moment we see a famous actor promoting a product, it becomes ten times more irresistible.

Why learn the ‘Principle of Liking’?

Earning a recommendation, a sale, or a customer all revolve around the ‘Psychology of Liking.’ Understanding the above-mentioned principle and using it in marketing can help you increase sales dramatically. Let us learn all about it in detail.

Three main liking factors that dominate consumer behavior:

  1. Physical Attractiveness

In the media-centric age of today, physical attractiveness of a marketing advertisement or website is just as important as the attractive personality of the salesperson you cannot refuse. So, ask yourself if the website of yours is beautiful.

The business website is equivalent to the store-front. Its design has a crucial impact on whether people will purchase from you. Consumers always fall for a well-designed website. This is the reason why you need to choose every graphic, font, copy layout, color carefully.

  1. Compliments

Flattery always performs wonders- be it in personal life or in professional life. Flattery is heart-warming and we just love it when people compliment us.

These are the positive outcomes of flattery:

  • Confidence- Compliments give confidence to people and customers are no exception,
  • Mood- When people are in good mood, they shop more.
  • Persuasion- Flattering your customer will make it easy for you to persuade him.

How to flatter your customers?

  • Encourage your customers through congratulatory emails and special treats occasionally
  • Interact with them on social media to make them feel valued
  • The ultimate way of flattering is coining a “success story”


  1. Similarity

If you can make your client feel that you are just like him/her, you’ll gain the person’s trust. Here are some amazing ways of creating trust and showing that you are one among your audience.

  • The ‘About Us’ Page- Putting a face on the ‘About Us’ page will let your clients know how you look. Psychologically speaking, a face on the website makes it more approachable, more real.
  • Meet customers- You can also organize special events where your customers can get an opportunity to meet you and speak to you.


We may conclude by saying that mutual appreciation is the key to long-lasting professional relations. If you value your customers, they’ll value your brand and keep coming back to you. This marketing skill will not just help you prosper in business but also reward you with meaningful relationships with your audience. There are several other amazing marketing tactics that you can apply in the field of business for steady growth.

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