Few Excellent Ways of Investing Money in India

Money in India
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When it comes to your money- numerous questions flood the mind. One thinks of every possible thing- safety, return, investment period, the amount of return and what not. There are many ways of investing money in India. Here are the few such excellent ways of investing money in India-

  • Post Office Monthly Income Scheme:

The Post Offices operate this scheme across India and it is undoubtedly one of the best options available for investing your money. As the scheme has Governmental support the chances of risks are really low. In this scheme, the interested investors need to put a certain amount of money on a monthly basis, which gets matured after five years. Anyone with Indian citizenship is allowed to open such an account in exchange of 1500 rupees. However, there is no doorway of saving tax via this option.

  • National Pension Scheme:

This is another governmental scheme with a chance of higher returns. Here the investors put their money to various kinds of businesses and finally gets the pension depending on the return amount. Anyone between the age of 18 to 60 can sign up for such a pension scheme. There is the liberty of withdrawing a part of the money invested as well. However, that cannot be done before three years.

  • Fixed Deposits:

This is the old school method of investment and undoubtedly with no risk at all. Fixed deposits are done via bank accounts where a certain amount of money remains invested for a certain period of time. The money gets matured when the time comes. This maturity period can be any time between a week to a time duration of ten years. The main reason for the popularity of fixed deposit is the zero risk factor with a guaranteed return.

  • Public Provident Fund:

PPF is another old school safe way of investing money. This is extremely popular in India. The rate of interest of good as well (7.9%), which gets paid by the Government itself. The maturity period is fifteen years. However, anyone can partially withdraw money from the investment after six years of investment. There are options of getting a loan from PPF in times of need as well.

  • Mutual Funds:

Although this is not the option many would choose because of the lack of security, mutual funds are undoubtedly good ways of investing money in India. The main reason for choosing mutual funds is the excellent amount of return. Mutual funds can be of typically three types- debt funds, equity funds and hybrid funds. However, people who want zero risk for their money should think twice before considering this option.

  • Real Estate:

With the rapid growth of the industry, real estate is becoming more and more favorite option for investors willing to take a little risk. Investment can be made either for mutual commercial or residential properties. However, one should keep in mind that sometimes they may find difficulty in selling properties as well.

These are few excellent options of investing money in India with different levels of risk. One should think and decide on their own depending on their priorities.

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