A Beginner’s Guide to Stock Market Investment

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It is true that the old school savings accounts are totally risk free options available. However, if someone wants to grow wealth, leaving money in the savings account is not the option at all. There are various ways in which one might invest their money. Stock market investment is one of them. Stock market, if understood properly, can be proved to be the best way of investment. Here are the few tips for the beginners to understand how to invest in the stock market-

  • Gain knowledge about the types of investment:

Typically there are two types of stock market investment. They are

  • Individual stocks
  • Stock mutual funds

The option of individual stocks is for those who want to buy stocks of a particular company. For the beginners, it is wise to start small. This is less risky as well.

“Stock mutual funds” is buying stocks of different companies in small numbers together. Another name for this type of stock market investment is equity mutual funds. The reason behind this name is that, when someone buys mutual funds they get ownership of small parts of those companies. The good thing about stock mutual funds is that because of the diversified investment, they are less risky by nature. That is why; this option is popular among the investors and especially it is an excellent choice for the retirement savings.

Individual stocks, although doubles money sooner, is prone to risk.

  • Start with a separate account for investment:

This is another basic step for stock market investment. One must have an investment account. There are generally two ways of opening an investing account-

  • It might be a brokerage account- this is the least expensive option available and undoubtedly a good choice for the beginners. One might buy and trade stocks online after opening such an account. In order to open such an account the help of a broker is necessary. Brokers can help with opening either individual retirement account or a taxable brokerage account. The choice of the broker should be made only after-
  • Comparing the amount of commission
  • Considering the fees for the account
  • Looking carefully into the investment selection
  • A robo-advisor account- this is giving the whole task of investment to someone else. After knowing the investment goals the companies dealing with this process takes care of the whole investment process in exchange of fees.
  • Have a budget:

It is important to have a budget in mind when starting to invest in stocks. It is wise for the beginners to start small. Investing in stock funds can be done up to 80% of one’s total amount planned for retirement. Based on that, one should get a budget for the stock market investment.

  • Start right away:

There are tons of strategies when it comes to stock market investment. The fact is, however, that only by sticking to the basics and investing in the stock mutual funds one might turn out to be a winner at the end.

This basic knowledge of stock market investment might come handy to the beginners to understand the process.

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